Things in Erin’s Brain 

In my house, I have a cheeky nickname stolen from “A League of Their Own” (the MOVIE). I have earned “All the Way May” because no matter what I do, I am always fully commited.

School? Straight A’s. MASSAGE school? Graduated with honors (yes, you can do that).

Get the flu? Yeah, when I get sick, I get SICK. If there’s a side effect to a pill, I get it. 

Write a book? Amazon Best Seller’s list. 

The paperback version of “Welcome to Caregiving…” launched in March and the eBook dropped in July for Regina’s birthday (Jerry’s transplant anniversary). But “All the Way May” needed (NEEDED) the trifecta. 

I needed to record the audiobook.

And the only way to do that (in “all the way” fashion)? I had to record it.

It had to be MY voice sharing MY message. There was no other way.

As fate would have it, a friend of mine knows a guy… and I found myself in the warehouse parking lot of PowerStation Studios for a tour. 

Have you ever been in a recording studio? Have you ever DREAMED of being in a recording studio? I can barely carry a tune, so for me, the only way I ever imagined myself being in a recording studio was if I magically became part of Beyoncé’s entourage. Since I couldn’t even get as far as imagining what my role would be in the entourage, the entire fantasy always fizzled out. 

But here I was, in a padded, sound proof control room, with a giant board of switches, slides, and lights. I got all choked up. I was there because of ME. I (me, Erin Copelan), was in a RECORDING STUDIO. I think my recording expert may have thought I was a little kooky, but he tried to keep his facial expressions in check.

Over the summer I popped in and out of the studio – for thirteen hours to be exact – and I read my book. The beauty of me reading my story is that I got to laugh at the funny parts. Where I cried? Yeah, we kept it in there. I believe the listeners will be able to feel my heart in my voice. I’m so proud of it.

This week I get to return to PowerStation to record a few tidbits we missed (Audible has a requirement that I say “The End”) and silly me – I forgot to record the name of the narrator (duh). I’m excited to be going back into the studio and am secretly wondering if I can do side-side gigs recording… I don’t know… stuff.

By the end of this month I will have the book publishing trifecta: Paperback, Ebook, and Audiobook. Pinch me… 

But then what? Next comes the fun part. I get to talk about it. Podcasts are my next goal. No, I don’t want to HAVE a podcast, I just want to be ON podcasts. I just want to talk about caregiving, and taking the pause, and all of the things Caregivers never talk about…

Because it’s all about love…

P.S. Do you run a podcast or do you have a favorite podcast you listen to that you’d love to hear me on? Please share!

Massage Minute brought to you by

The feelings I had standing in that recording studio: pride, awe, accomplishment, disbelief, excitement – childlike excitement –  made me wonder why I hadn’t strived for these kinds of goals my whole life.

So when it came time to select my massage continuing education course for the 2023 renewal year I returned to the dream that started a decade ago.

CranioSacral Therapy.

When I first became a massage therapist (ten years ago this month), it was CranioSacral Therapy that intrigued me the most. But the training was (and is) extensive. And expensive. As a new therapist I hadn’t found my niche and was trying hard to be everything to everybody (you know how well THAT works, don’t you…). 

I chose courses that supported my business and my budget – but not always my dream. 

This year I returned to the dream. 

I found a level one CranioSacral course at Upledger Institute (the founders of this modality) in Palm Beach Gardens. They have a four day training taking place at the end of this month. I signed up.

I’m excited in the way a homesick college student feels when they travel home for Christmas and they know, just KNOW their mom will have their favorite meal waiting for them when they walk through the door. 

It feels like coming home. 

I chuckle to myself, because *what if* I take the course and I hate it? 

But I don’t think so. It’s the same feeling I had about recording the audiobook. I had to record it. In my voice. 

I have to do CranioSacral.

It just… IS.

Next week I’ll add a little ditty about what CranioSacral is and what it does. Local peeps – I’ll be out of the office for my training and a day of rest October 27 – October 31, 2022. Book your October appointments now. 

If you want to be one of the FIRST to receive a CranioSacral treatment from me, drop me a line and I’ll add you to the wait list.

Because… Love