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When was the last time you were stood up?

The phrase “to stand up” can be found in literary works dating back to the late 1800s. It can literally be defined as not keeping a scheduled appointment and leaving someone standing, waiting. 

Last week I was stood up.

It was a coffee date with someone I met at a networking event where we were encouraged (heavily) to set a “get to know you” meeting with a person we didn’t know. I obliged.

I woke up sleepily, skipped my normal coffee routine because one dose of caffeine a day is PLENTY for this finely tuned instrument. I showered and donned a flowy skirt and tshirt combo suitable for sitting outside.

I arrived at the designated meeting place a few minutes early. The cashier at The Alchemist Cafe greeted me with a warm, “Welcome Home,” and I noted how it actually DID make me feel at home, and I smiled. I ordered my $10 iced coffee, and let them add the sugar (which are three things I typically don’t indulge in: iced coffee because I drink it REALLY fast. Sugar – I never, ever put sugar in my coffee. And… well… $10 coffee just isn’t in my regular budget.).

I chose a shady seat, not too far from the entrance so my guest could spot me easily. My coffee arrived (and there was extra on the side) and I took a few sips and checked the clock. It was 9:05 and I texted my “blind date” to let them know where I was sitting. In response I received the little moon symbol and tiny blue font that read “recipient has notifications silenced.”

Not a good sign.

By 9:10 I knew they weren’t coming. 

But there I was. 

I thought about it for a second. I *should* have been mad. Afterall, my time is valuable. It’s the one non-renewable resource we have. But I *wasn’t* mad. Not at all. And I chose not to force myself to BE mad. Afterall:

I was at a lovely cafe, where I hadn’t been all year. The weather was divine. It was warm, but not too humid, the sun was out, but not blazing in my eyes. I was amongst trees and there were butterflies and birds around me.

My coffee was DELICOUS (they put coffee ice cubes in there so it stays cold but doesn’t dilute the coffee). 

I initiated conversations with a few friends and got some good giggles in. 

Twins entered the cafe and sat in the butterfly shaped chairs kitty corner from me. We struck up a conversation about the blessings of being given free, quiet time. One shared the story of how she was traveling for business, her flight was cancelled and she couldn’t leave for a whole day. She was gifted with a free hotel room and food voucher by the airline. A friend had gifted her the book, “Many Lives, Many Masters,” (which I just finished reading about two months ago and it was FANTASTIC so she and I got to bond over that). She got to read that book quietly, for HOURS. Which is something she had been wanting to do for a very long time. 

Universe will always provide exactly what we desire. 

I enjoyed my coffee, the atmosphere, and my conversations for an hour. After dragging my straw along the bottom of the mason jar mug, I said adieu to the twins and drove on home, feeling relaxed, grounded, and very highly caffeinated (what IS it about iced coffee that gets me so amped up?).

I’m curious – when was the last time you were stood up? How did it make you feel? How did you respond? Would you have been mad in my situation? 

Sending everyone big love today.

Because it’s all about love…

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