Things in Erin’s Head


I just finished watching the Season 3 finale of Ted Lasso

Hands down it’s one of the best series I’ve watched in a very long time. Light, meaningful, humorous, and yeah, it’s made me shed a tear a time or two. Many episodes tugged at my heartstrings and dropped blissful, golden droplets of wisdom, but tonight, this one really hit home:

“Human beings are never gonna be perfect, Roy. Best we can do is to keep asking for help and accepting it when we can. And if you keep on doing that, you’ll always be moving towards better.”

Maybe you’re a Caregiver up to your eyeballs in dirty dishes and even dirtier laundry. Maybe the economy has your bank account looking a little slimmer than norm. Perhaps you’re just… in a FUNK (you’re not alone here my friend). 

This is your reminder. No one is perfect. You’re doing your BEST. And maybe… just maybe… say yes to the helping hand extended your way. 


Because it’s all about love…