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I’m curious, dear Reader, are you a fireworks lover?

Ohhhh, I used to find fireworks to be… soooo… ROMANTIC. The brightness lighting up the sky. The sizzle as the color fell to the ground (the weeping willows were my favorites). As a teen I would dream of the day someone would kiss me under the glow of the fireworks. Wrap an arm around me to ground me when the deep booms shook the ground we sat on, a wool blanket protecting us from the damp summer grass. Those teenage dreams feel like five lifetimes ago…  

Fast forward to yesterday… where I scuttled home from my parents’ house to be with #NotMyCat before the popping, whistling, and cracking began. This was Bumper’s first Fourth of July with us and I wasn’t quite sure how she’d react to all the noise. While I still enjoy a good fireworks display in a professional setting, independently lit rockets in my neighborhood make me… nervous (they were always illegal where we lived in California and Texas and I just haven’t gotten used to them EVERYWHERE in Florida). I was perfectly happy snuggled up in bed come nightfall, with my kitty in her loaf shape next to me, calm, but not her usual splayed-out relaxed self. Together we read, then drifted off between snaps and bangs. 

I’m excited to continue July’s festivities because this Friday kicks off the first LIVE of my Celebration Series, honoring Regina’s 7th birthday (aka Jerry’s transplant anniversary). I’ll look forward to talking about unique was to celebrate (because it doesn’t always have to be cake and champagne!) and learning about special ways you enjoy celebrating. I’ve got a few free give aways planned, a special or two, and you do NOT want to miss the special edition of “Ask Jerry” which will be July 19 at 6:30pm where Jerry and I will be sharing our transplant story and answering any and all questions about organ donation. 

Mark your calendars – I’ll see you THIS FRIDAY!

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