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I saw a Facebook post from a friend yesterday that said in summary, “You have CHAkras, not SHAkras. Hard CHA.” It made me laugh a) I’m 98% sure I’ve been pronouncing it wrong or mumbling it just enough to get by; b) I had plans to CHAt with you about the CHAkras today and traaa-laaaaa I was given clear, divine instruction on how to tell you how to pronounce it. Here’s the thing about chakras… we’ve all got them (the WORLD has them)… and I work with energy pretty much all day, every day (fun fact: you do too), and sometimes, we just get off BALANCE. Lucky for you, << Test First Name >>, I have a friend who can teach you all about CHA-CHA-CHAkras.

Check out Julietta Wenzel’s class >>TONIGHT<< at 6:00pm in Oakland Park. There *mighhhtttt* be a few spaces left, but supplies are limited (she gives you hand selected crystals and enhances the chakra balancing with essential oils for a whole multi-sensory experience) so check in with Julietta ASAP if you’re in need. 

In Julietta’s recent newsletter, she gave us a little summary of what it might feel like to be off balance. If you really think about it, I think you know exactly what makes YOU feel off, but do you know how to get back to center, back to feeling your best? Many times my signs and symptoms come in tiers. If I ignore the first signals, my body and mind will generate another layer, then another, until I start to crack and crumble. I have a nasty little habit of pushing myself to the ultimate brink – if there’s an ounce of energy left I will give it – to my clients, to Jerry, to my family, to #NotMyCat, to the person who needs the closer parking spot at Publix, so I park farther away… and it takes a lot of discipline for me to turn that energy inward to fill my own cup #TakingThePause (yeah, it’s a practice for me too).

Julietta offers several signs that may indicate that your chakras are in need of a little tune up:

Physical symptoms like headaches, digestive issues, chronic pain, fatigue, or insomnia.


Emotional symptoms like anxiety, depression, irritability, or mood swings. 

Blocked Creativity <anything but THIS, can you hear me crying from your couch??>: You may feel blocked creatively, have difficulty expressing yourself, or lack inspiration.

Feeling Disconnected: You may feel disconnected from yourself, others, or the world around you.

Lack of Focus: You may have difficulty concentrating or lack focus.

Relationship Issues: You may experience relationship issues, including difficulty communicating, lack of intimacy, or feeling unsupported.

Financial Problems: You may experience financial problems, such as difficulty managing money or lack of abundance.

UnfulfillmentYou may feel unfulfilled in your life, career, or relationships.

What I enjoy the most about Julietta’s chakra classes is that she’s very clear that you really can’t do it WRONG. You can get far with basic knowledge, she gives you TOOLS (you know how I love anyone who offers TOOLS), and you get a really good rest and reset, and then get to reassess yourself at the end of the session to see what worked for you. 

If you can’t make tonight’s class, the same link has the calendar with upcoming offerings. Save your slot today >>CHAKRA BALANCING CLASS<< to take the pause.

(and nope – this is NOT an affiliate link – I’m just sharing the love).

Because it’s all about love…