Things in Erin’s Head 


Nope, it’s not the Eric Clapton kind of MTV Unplugged. 

Instead it’s the off-the grid kinda unplugged. You see, even though I had planned to take a few days off, it didn’t hit me until yesterday morning that I was getting a VACATION. Can I tell you my friend, how grateful I am that I realized it? I still had to-do lists and goals and chores and “year end” nonsense pinballing around my cerebrum. But once I realized I get to PAUSE – everything changed. (And I got a high-five from Jerry when I got home because I was officially OFF).

My decision to unplug released me from all self-imposed expectations (the ick over “Did I meet ALL of my goals this year? Is there still time?” has been banished).

I’m not “working” on anything. I have seen my last massage client for the year (sign up for 2024 by clicking HERE). My next speaking engagement is the second week in January. There’s no behind-the-scenes, clerical / bookkeeping / whatever emergencies. I’m falling off the socials – and may even delete the apps off my phone so I don’t pick it up out of habit and fall down the rabbit hole. Even this email… it was scheduled… (’cause I’m not gonna ghost you!).

I decided not to fret about any more chores (sorry dirty floor, you’re not getting mopped until 2024). 

What AM I going to do during my Pause?

Maybe, absolutely nothing. No plan is the plan. 

I will allow myself to dream. My best ideas come to me when I’m feeling Zen and chill, so I’ll have a journal nearby to jot down magical, unofficial, marshmallow-dreamy thoughts.

Laughing. Over Christmas I took a photo of my grandparents (96 and 93). At first they were very still and slightly scowl-like in a “Really, Erin can you just leave us alone?” manner. Ignoring their non-verbal cues, I started directing. “Okay, okay, let’s get a little smile… better.. better… (at this point they started giggling). Now let’s hold hands or something – a little affection please (more giggles and Grandpa took Grandma’s hand). And now let’s LAUGH – Ah ha-ha! Ho-ho-ho!” and by this time they were cracking up at my antics and I got my shot. With the chillness comes the laughter and I’m looking forward to sharing it with my family.

That’s it my friends. Nothing. Dreaming. Laughing. That’s how I’m going to finish out this year and ring in the next.

Are you taking an opportunity to Pause?

Because it’s all about love…

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