Things in Erin’s Head 



Okay, be HONEST with me. Have you reached that point in the holiday season where you have:

A) Dropped to the floor in hysterical laughter for exactly zero reasons.
B) Started hitting the coquito a little earlier than usual.
C) Hid in the corner of the closet where you usually keep the wrapping paper and hope no one notices your missing.
D) Blissfully enjoyed the spirit of the season.

I’m going to be honest too. 

Every year I go through each of these phases as the season floats in and floats out of our lives. I start with grandiose ideas for decorating and gift making (I always want to MAKE something for everyone). Time passes and the pendulum swings and I say, “Meh, I’m not doing it this year,” (enter the coquito). And eventually, the joy sprinkles down upon me like stardust.

Yesterday I called a vendor and when I asked how they were they said, “Oh, Erin! I’m in the joy of the season! I’m putting up my lights and decorating the house! I love it!” and even though I have done none of those things yet this year, their joy brought ME joy.

If you’re in the middle of feeling all the holiday joy, I applaud you! Embrace it and spread it everywhere you can!

For anyone who is curious, this is where I am on my holiday pendulum:

My tree is not up. Will it go up? That remains to be seen. There is a chance for it to emerge on December 24, along with Christmas music and garland and lights when I can enjoy the process and it doesn’t feel like a chore. Yes, I also keep it up. Always through New Year’s Day. Sometimes through my birthday at the end of January. I have no rules.

There will be food! I’m hosting Christmas at my house this year and there is a low key menu planned that my sister and I are preparing together. I appreciate the help and I’m really just thankful we will all be together to celebrate another holiday. 

I must admit that I faltered and did not send Christmas cards this year. I honestly don’t know what happened. I usually have those ordered in October, stamps in hand in November, signing, sealing and sending in December. This year? Nada. And I’m kinda okay with that, but kinda not. Because I love receiving cards (LOVE it). I miss the holiday letters everyone used to send detailing the lives of their families – work, hobbies, births, retirements. I love inky signatures where I can see your personality in the curve of your “s” and the cross of your “t”. I love hanging them all around my threshold, silver garland draped between them, brightly colored symbols of love. I love receiving mail that isn’t junk or a bill. (Yes, I get all excited like Steve Martin finding his name in the phone book in “The Jerk.”). So if you receive a Christmas card from me in March… well, you’ll know why. 

I’d love to hear how your holiday plans are progressing. What has brought you joy. What you feel might be missing. And how you love to receive love during the holidays.

Because it’s all about love…

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