Things in Erin’s Head


My massage business has taken a few forms. It’s grown and shifted over time. If you want to read about the journey, please proceed. If you’d like to hop ahead, scroll on down to my NEW OFFERINGS and come on back when you have more time.

As a new business owner in Texas, I went by the name The Massage Studio. I loved my logo. I loved my colors. It gave me a cottage-y vibe, yet was professional enough to be taken seriously by the corporate HR folks who coordinate chair massage. The Massage Studio was MY first business. I wasn’t working for someone else. I wasn’t someone’s “partner.” My whole self was in this venture. I researched, trained for, cried over, dripped sweat in the name of, designed, and built it all on my own. I was really proud of it. I *AM* really proud of it. I like to remind myself that I had positive cash flow in the FIRST year of my business (and every year since). 

When Jerry and I chose to move from Texas to Florida, it was a hard transition for me. I knew I had to start this business from scratch. Again. Ground up. And I didn’t know anyone in the industry here. When I started the transition I discovered that “The Massage Studio” already existed and while I technically could have used the name (they weren’t operational anymore), the reviews tied to the name were AWFUL (like, really, really bad) and I couldn’t take the risk of carrying the name over. 

So I called my brand magician Barbara Holland and she transformed The Massage Studio logo into Simply Massage complete with colors that emitted a cooler, more Florida vibe. When I showed the draft logo to one of my friends for her input on the *design* she said, “I don’t like it at all. Simply Massage makes YOU sound Simple.” At that point it was simply too late. The name had already been changed and I was on my final drafts of the logo. I chose the name because I did massage. I didn’t do acupuncture. I didn’t do retail. I didn’t do facials. I did MASSAGE. And massage is what I loved.

If you remember back just a few wee months ago, someone else started using the name Simply Massage in their marketing. I found out about it pretty early on and once I started getting calls for their Groupons and calls from their customers asking if they could see me instead, I knew it was time for a change (if you recall from that newsletter, I actually had the *ping* from the Universe to change my name a few days before I found out… #TrustYourGut). This time when I called Barbara, I had a really good idea about what I wanted. I wanted to combine the beautiful logo she created for my book with a nod to the old massage logo. And Erin Copelan Massage was born.

These days I’m a very big believer in divine timing. Nothing happens too soon. We aren’t too late. We didn’t miss the boat. It all happens at EXACTLY the right time. Because you know what? It turns out I had changed too. 

“Well, Erin, back then you were just BASIC massage. Anyone can do basic massage.”


You see, I recently had a client return to me after well over six years. While my massage back then was <ahem> basic, they have been following me. They saw the years of training I’ve completed in various techniques and modalities and they made the choice to come back.


After many years of training and experience, it turns out my massage isn’t so “basic” anymore (which pleased us both). And yes, they’re rescheduling. 🙂

After that interaction I thought, “Well, gee-whizz, Erin, I wonder how many other people are out there and just don’t know what you’ve been up to for the last… five… six… seven… years. So I’m here to tell ya:

  • I’ve been practicing Swedish techniques for over eleven years.
  • I was trained by DeepFeet for Ashiatsu Deep Tissue (barefoot massage) about nine years ago.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (five years now)
  • Trainings in cupping (6 yrs), myofascial release (3 yrs), trigger point (10yrs), and reflexology (11yrs)…
  • I began practicing Reiki four years ago.
  • This past October I completed a BIG upgrade by completing my CranioSacral level 1 training with the Upledger Institute (aka: the Mother Ship).

I break my massage sessions down into three categories:

  • Integrative (hands on – Swedish based);
  • Ashiatsu (feet on – deeper pressure); and
  • Energy (hands on with a deeper focus on Reiki and CranioSacral work for even more alignment).

All (ALL) of the techniques I have learned and experiences I have had get folded into each session. You need cupping? You get it. You need MLD? You get it. A little extra sound bowl to clear some stagnant energy? I’ve got ya.

AnchorAND I’ve got some new offerings that I’m very excited to share!

I’ve added a GUIDED MEDITATION as an add on to any Integrative or Energy massage. Right now you get to choose from two, 20 minute, pre-recorded, guided meditations to help you tap into your own personal healing. It’s been well received so far and I think it will be an ultra added perk for those who are challenged to quiet their minds during a massage session. 

The best part?

There’s no upcharge. 

Just schedule it as an “add on” when you book your massage and the experience is YOURS.

I’ve also recently partnered up with PURE ENCAPSULATIONS to help my clients have access to quality vitamins and supplements at discounted prices. I was first introduced to Pure Encapsulations by one of the transplant nutritionists who helped Jerry through his cancer journey over five years ago. Having the opportunity to partner with them felt very in alignment with the work I’m doing now – plus it’s EASY. Just email me that you’d like to be added as one of my clients and you’ll be emailed a link to set up your own shopping portal. You shop, pay, receive a 10% discount, FREE shipping (Lord KNOWS how much I love free shipping), and everything ships direct from Pure Encapsulations (so you don’t have to worry that things have been sitting on my shelf forever.. nor do you have to WAIT for me to get around to shipping it…). If you want to know more, just reply to this email. If you know you want IN, email me with your First Name, Last Name, and a good email address. That’s it. 

This week I took a slightly different approach to the newsletter and I’m sending TWO. If you received THIS one, you’re on the massage list… If you wanna see the OTHER one (with the other offers)… click HERE for the love.


Because it’s all about love…