Things in Erin’s Head 

First, I’d like to send a really big thank you to everyone who reached out to me last week with hugs and love. I appreciate the well wishes oh, so much! 


A little apology to my clients who came in for a massage last week, who after reading my newsletter, peeked around the corner of my studio door, wondering if it was safe to enter Erin’s Den of Anger and Sadness, “Are you still mad? Are you going to beat me up?”

The good news about feelings is that when you take the time to FEEL them, many times (MOST of the time) they magically move along their merry way. So by the time I wrote all my feelings down (for pretty much every person in the world to read…) I wasn’t angry or sobbing tragically in my pillow anymore. 

But it made me think more about FEELINGS. How we feel them, the ones we ignore, the ones we *think* are bad, where they show up in our bodies, how we hold their energy in our cells… and it sparked in me the desire to run a Feelings Workshop. ESPECIALLY for Caregivers. We are masters (MASTERS!) at shoving all the feelings where no one can see them.

Would you be interested in a workshop like that?

My first workshop: “Taking the Pause: Redefining Self Care” was a great success. And if you missed it, you’re going to have another chance to catch it at the end of July. Details to follow.

ALSO in July… <<drumroll please>>… we will be celebrating Regina’s 6th birthday with the mini-launch of the “Welcome to Caregiving: The Things Caregivers Never Talk About” ebook. All of you who love your e-reader downloads – I heard you and I am delivering! We are going to have a mini Zoom celebration on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at 6:00pm. The birthday extravaganza will be about 60-90 minutes and will include a toast tribute to Jerry’s liver donor, games, prizes, e-book launch details, AND a special session of “Ask Jerry” because I know what everyone REALLY wants is Jerry. 🙂

If you know FOR SURE you don’t want to miss it – SIGN UP HERE.

Because it’s all about love…

Massage Minute brought to you by

Since we are talking about feeling things… one of the comments I hear most from my clients is, “How did you FIND that spot? How can you FEEL that?”

My answer: “It’s my superpower.”

I always giggle, but it’s not untrue. As I coast into my tenth year as a massage therapist (PLEASE tell me where that decade went…) I can say I have experience, and I have oodles and oodles of training. But the truth is, there is an intuitive element to massage and not everyone possesses that gift. 

“Your hands are like heat seeking missiles. They cruise along until they find a spot that needs help.”

The coolest thing was when I learned Ashiatsu Deep Pressure massage (the one where I massage with my feet). Our feet literally take us everywhere, pounding the pavement. It wasn’t until I learned Ashiatsu six years ago that I realized how much feeling we have in our feet. Even with my feet I can feel the same problem areas I can with my hands and am able to pause in all the right places to deliver that deep, gliding pressure, to help melt away the tension. It’s so much fun!

If you’re in the South Florida area, you’re welcome to visit me to give Ashi a try. If you’re not local to me but it sounds interesting, you can visit the Deep Feet Directory for a licensed therapist near you (I trained with Deep Feet so I’m familiar with their training protocol – there are other folks out there as well – just please, pretty please, make sure you’re visiting a licensed massage professional). 

Because it’s all about love…