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I had a conversation with my bestie in December when I did not send Christmas cards. I told her, “I’m going to send New Years cards in, like… April or something,” and she laughed and said, :”Yes! Happy Spring!” But I was like, “Nope – HAPPY NEW YEAR!” 

And here we are. (Except I still didn’t send physical cards out).

With this spring equinox I wondered – isn’t it funny how we try to be all “New Year, New You” in JANUARY? Trying to wake up our bodies, start new things, change old things, all in the middle of winter when all of nature is in hibernation?  

It’s spring when things come alive: flowers bud, bears come crawling out of their caves, the days begin to get longer, and the astrological system begins again (did you know Aries is the first of the zodiac signs?).

As caregivers, sometimes it can feel as though we are living in a perpetual winter. Things feel a little heavier, colder, sometimes quieter. When I created The Caregiver’s Carabiner, a program to help soften the Caregiving journey, I designed it based on three pillars: 

AWARENESS: Acknowledging where we are with honesty and grace can be the most challenging aspect of any journey. Because I lacked awareness of what I was truly experiencing as a Caregiver, my recovery took much longer than it probably could have. And I’m still walking the path of recovery and healing my PTSD.

FEELINGS: I learned (the hard way) that feeling our feelings is a key component to softening the journey and in the recovery process. In The Caregiver’s Carabiner we will explore the feelings Caregivers rarely discuss and look at creative and fun ways to set the funky feelings free.

MOVEMENT: As a licensed massage therapist for over a decade, I am intimately aware of the mind-body connection. In the program we will begin to become familiar with connecting our feelings to sensations in our bodies and learn how to gently release them so we don’t develop deep traumas that are long and challenging to heal.

These are things I didn’t have on my first Caregiving journey and I wish I had known just a fraction of what I know today. Curious to learn more? Interested in turning over a new leaf this spring? I’ll be hosting a free series on each of the pillars leading up to the start of The Caregiver’s Carabiner this May. Learn more about the program and sign up to receive updates by clicking the link below:


Because it’s all about love…



A program created to soften the Caregiving journey with tools, resources, and gentle guidance that support both a Caregiver’s active journey and their recovery, in an honest and playful way.

Beginning May 2024