Things in Erin’s Head



It’s a chilly one here in South Florida today. Fifty eight degrees. I’m going to have to break out a long sleeved shirt (if I can find one).

We have a whole BUNCH of new folks on my email list and you have all met me in creative ways. While you can learn a LOT about me by reading my newsletters (the whole library can be found at I thought I’d attempt a little summary here that is somewhere between an “about the author” page and a full fledged memoir.

So who is… ERIN? I’m going to save what I *DO* for later… 

When I was in Junior High I was on the cheerleading squad. One of our cheers went something like, “Hi, Hello, and How do you do? The Branciforte Bees Welcome You FROM…” and then we’d stomp around and yell our names. So yes, I am a cheerleader. Almost always. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes I think people find it annoying… but it’s there (my mama was a cheerleader, her mom was the president of her sorority… we have that vibe in our genes).

I am the guardian for #NotMyCat. Miss Bumper is my sun and I pretty much revolve around her, from sunrise to moonrise and all the spaces in between. You want in? You got it. Out? Yes, ma’am. In again? No problem. Cheese? Yes, Queen. Oh, I’m in your spot on the bed, here let me move… She’s the little treasure who walked into my house 16 months ago. You’ll see her pop up in my socials and sometimes I dedicate entire newsletters to her. I’m obsessed.

I am a new lover of plants. But I struggle to keep them alive. And I don’t like icky bugs (but I love butterflies). I have Peter, the spider plant, who finally found a happy spot in my office and he has blessed me with more spidy-children than I can count, who are now sprouting grandchildren right and left. I’m very proud of this. I currently have 11 plants alive in my house (some are struggling… so say prayers for them).

I am not a fan of running. Anywhere. For any reason. Ever.

I am an Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon, and Leo Rising. I’m a 4/6 Generator in Human Design. I don’t always know what these things mean. Sometimes I see 11:11 on the clock and feel special. Sometimes 2:51 makes me feel just as special. 4:20 isn’t necessarily off the table. I believe in something bigger than myself, and I call it different things based on my mood and the circumstances. If you’ve read my book, “Welcome to Caregiving: The Things Caregivers Never Talk About” or heard me speak, you know the story that shifted my faith forever. (If you’ve read it, I’d love a review! Here’s an easy link: REVIEW ERIN’S BOOK)

I don’t back into parking spaces.

Sometimes I get socially anxious. I’m working on it. I feel like I will always be working on it.

I love, love, love to write. I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner. I love to imagine, create, and edit. I love hearing about how it lands with readers – because everything lands differently with every individual. Sending this newsletter brings me joy every week and every response to it brings me even more joy.

I am a Caregiver (always a capital C in my world because it’s just *important* to me). I think I came out of the womb this way. Then somehow, I became one “for reals.” Over the past decade+ (next year will actually be fifteen years) I have learned more about medicine and Caregiving, and MYSELF than any other Earthly experience may have taught me. The pain and suffering I endured created a movement within me to help other Caregivers. To help them know they are not alone. To help broaden awareness for Caregiver support. To help soften the journey. This is what I dream of at night (and during the day). 

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. Ah! So clinical! How do I say I do *more* than rub people? I’ve never quite mastered that marketing skill. People come to me at the exact right time they need me. I have an instinct about where things are being held in the body and I help remind you how to let them go. 

It might seem like all these these things are separate, when in reality, they are chambers of the same heart. 

And they are currently melding into something really beautiful. Something that comes straight from love.

Because it’s all about love…

P.S. Did I miss something? Do you see something in me that I totally glazed over? I’d love to hear it! Even BETTER? What do we have in common? OH… how are we OPPOSITE (yet still connect)? I’m so curious to know.


P.S.S My workshop: “Taking the Pause: Redefining Self-Care” is on special for $11 until tomorrow. Yes, e-l-e-v-e-n dollars. A small energy exchange to help you tap into something close to my heart that may help you get through the frazzle of the holidays.


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