Things in Erin’s Brain 

TRUE STORY: I had been chattering on about writing a book for a really long time (it turned out to be about two years). One perfectly lovely spring day, one of my friends emailed me, “How is your book going? I thought of you when I saw this,” and attached was a link to a three day event about “finally” writing your book.

It was the peak of the pandemic, my massage business was shut down, and I had nothing to do except worry about worrying.

I also knew nothing about writing books and I was hopelessly stuck with my own (I had written two drafts and neither felt good). I was really curious about the event, but I didn’t *know* the person hosting it. I had never heard of her. If you know me, you know… I like to KNOW things… My uncertainty led me to procrastinate.

I procrastinated for many, many, many, many, MANY days.

When I mustered up the guts to search for the email, I clicked the link and saw much to my dismay that the deadline to register had passed. I missed it. I beat myself up about it – about my procrastination, about my perfectionism, about not just taking the chance on myself.

So I thought, “Erin, just click the sign up link. If it’s meant to be, you’ll get in.”

And you know what << Test First Name >>? The link WORKED.

I don’t often ask for “signs” and I was blown away with excitement. However, the excitement blew past quickly and I suddenly felt bad because the sales page promised a gift box. A package to complement the course (with a workbook – I freaking love workbooks). I shrugged it off. There was NO way a box was going to get to me before the course. I assumed the gal I didn’t know (who didn’t know me from Adam either), would just say, “Too bad, too sad, no box for YOU.” And rightly so – I had missed the deadline.

Except she didn’t.

<< Test First Name >> would you believe me if I told you that the day before the virtual event, I received a box in the mail? It’s true. A box with everything everyone else had. I was… impressed. “Surprised and delighted,” as Jerry and I like to say (it’s like the highest of high complements for us). 


Embedded in my procrastination and pushing of limits was a lesson. But it wasn’t a lesson for me, the procrastinator, oh noooooo. It was a lesson for poor Kim, the lovely soul running the Brew Your Book workshop. She thought she was done. She had 30 participants – a full class – she was happy. She thought she was ready. The *ping* of my registration told her otherwise. Thirty ONE.

I don’t even believe it crossed her mind to NOT get a box to me. Because that’s the kind of person Kim is. She made special trips to stores to make sure I had the same treats everyone else had. She made a special trip to the post office. She made sure that gift box got to me on time.

Have you ever read a rule somewhere and wondered, “What on earth happened that this particular rule had to be put in place?”

Well Hump Day Fan – I am the reason for Kim’s Gift Box Rule. There is now a very clear, firm deadline, in writing, of when you have to register in order to receive anything that requires a box or a stamp. I was the 31st person to enroll in her sold out course (Yeah, I totally snuck in on that magic link) and I became loving known as Lucky 31.

You know I finally wrote my book right?
You know I made best seller, right?
Kim was my lighthouse – she shined her light and guided me. 

I’m pleased to be able to share with you my friend Kim’s upcoming workshop:
Brew Your Book: Stop “Percolating” on your message and finally write your book.

You’ll leave Brew Your Book knowing how to write a compelling book that will share your message – and transform lives. You’ll also walk away with a custom writing plan so you have confidence you’ll actually write the book (instead of just talking about it). 

Kim is a fun, engaging teacher. Brew Your Book isn’t a boring, “talking head” Zoom presentation – this is an interactive, hands-on event where you’ll actually write. 


It’s, like, tomorrow, September 1 (see, I’m still pushing the limit…) to receive your gift box with a full color event workbook.

AND (yes, << Test First Name >> there’s MORE), because Kim and I are friends, the first 50 people to register get an EXTRA goodie in their gift box!

Don’t delay – register NOW (it’s $97 for three whole days of training – including the full color workbook if you sign up before the Lucky 31 Deadline).

Register Here >>> Finally Write Your Book <<<

The world deserves to hear your message…

Because it’s all about love…