Things in Erin’s Head


It’s funny how life goes isn’t it? 

One day you’re plugging along, running your business, and the next day you think, “I think I’ll change my company name…”

But you shoosh the thought away, because that would be SILLY.

And two days later you discover someone else is using your business name AND there’s really nothing to be done about it (so says the team of three lawyers I had on the phone at one time).

So you figure, “What the heck… I had the idea, I’m just gonna roll with it.”

Five months later you get to post a super cute Instagram reel (if I do say so myself) with your brand unveiling (you can see the reel if you click the picture and it’s better with the sound ON).

In the process, you manage to shed a skin, and you realize, somehow, you’ve been hiding behind that old, corporate logo (yet at the same time I grieved the change – I’m a complex being y’all). 

And we’re done hiding, aren’t we?

What’s different? 

The name.

The logo.

The website (check out the new page at

Some of my clothes (#FunFact – did you know I hate polo shirts??).

What’s the same?

The location. I’m still in Wilton Manors, the Island City suburb of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

My massage (except I actually feel like it’s BETTER now that my name is on the door).

My value pricing (full hour sessions with no upcharges).

My easy online booking.

All the knowledge that resides in my brain and surfaces at the exact right moment to help me create custom massage sessions that help my clients manage their chronic pain so they say lovely things like, 

“This is my healing place.”

Come visit me. I look forward to holding space for you.

Because it’s all about love…