Things in Erin’s Head


Does it feel to you like I’m bouncing around a little? Emotionally? 

You wouldn’t be wrong my friend.

Last week was my tribute email to my beloved kitty Cecilia. Jerry and I both miss her very much and #NotMyCat is slowly acclimating to being the new queen, but she’s got some pretty big paws to fill.

That’s the crazy thing about feelings… you can be happy and excited and still feel grief and loneliness. It’s the human condition.

 And today I’m feeling happy, excited, and hopeful.

First, I’m really excited to be the sponsor for the next four episodes of the Voices of the Goddess Podcast with hosts Julietta Wenzel and Graciela Laurant Valdes. They are incredibly engaging hosts, insightful, and have brought together some very inspirational voices. As part of the sponsorship, I created an actual commercial… which appears for the first time in Episode 165 featuring Christina Daniels and her in depth talk about Love and Value. Can you love yourself, but not value yourself? An interesting topic for caregivers, ya?

Second, I’m BEYOND excited to be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the release of my Amazon Best Selling book, “Welcome to Caregiving: The Things Caregivers Never Talk About.” 

But it’s not just a celebration of me writing a book…

It’s a celebration of Caregivers EVERYWHERE.

  • The Caregivers who keep their loved one alive. Every day (because caregiving doesn’t get a vacation).


  • The Caregivers who manage to get the little things done, like remembering to take the trash to the curb (and remembering to bring the cans back IN).


  • The ones who lose their shit because it’s 6:35pm and Publix is out of fried chicken and NOW what are you going to feed the family (because that was your PLAN and now it’s foiled)?


  • The people who filled their loved one’s pill box without running out of any of the prescriptions (and those who moved mountains to get a last-minute script filled so no doses were missed). 


  • It’s a celebration of the Googlers who get home from doctors’ appointments with chicken scratching notes filled with words they spelled phonetically and are now sitting in front of the computer, trying to figure out what the hell they mean (and what it means for THEM).


  • It’s for women AND the men, who let themselves feel all their feelings (even the “bad” ones) and ugly cry it out in the shower, their tears spiraling down the drain.


  • It’s for all the hospital room dance parties. Because sometimes being silly is what everyone needs.

Join me on Friday, March 31, 2023 for a LIVE, IN-PERSON reading of excerpts from my book “Welcome to Caregiving: The Things Caregivers Never Talk About.” There is no charge to attend the event. If you desire, books will be available for purchase on-site, while supplies last – or you can get a discount by ordering in advance (please use the EventBrite link below that has all of the event details). If you already have a copy of my book, bring it with you and I’ll sign it for free. XOXOXO

I look forward to celebrating with you!

Because it’s all about love…