Things in Erin’s Head


It’s my birthday MONTH. Yes, I’m declaring the ENTIRE month of January for ME. 

It wasn’t always this way… I used to shirk away from my birthday… Who was I to celebrate MYSELF? And if I couldn’t celebrate me, how could anyone ELSE celebrate me? On my birthday or in any other way… 

Ahhh… but after many, many, many, (MANY) years of therapy and inner work, I’m proud to say I’ve stepped firmly into being ME. And darn it, I want to celebrate! Here’s how I’m choosing to do it this year:

1)  I’m taking my birthday OFF. I started this practice several years ago. I mean seriously… I own my own businesses… I can take off on my birthday. So don’t come-a-lookin for me on the 25th. I’ll be chillaxing somewhere (TBD).

2) I’ve committed to doing *something* (at least one thing) every week.

Last week I went out for tacos with a friend AND I got a facial AND I went to a full moon beach meditation. Yes. It was freezing cold. I was in a hoodie, on a towel, wrapped in a blanket like a fuzzy, red burrito. But the meditation, flower release, gongs, and reiki love made the chill in the air worth it. Plus the moon was full and bright, there was nary a cloud in the sky, and the moon reflected off the ocean in the most spectacular way. I loved it. Divine Wave Sound Healing offers this event every month (and lots of other delicious sound things – I’m definitely going to hit up a sound bath as one of my birthday month treats), so check them out for the schedule. 

Other activities planned for the month – Chakra Balancing with Julieta Wenzel (she does this every month so if you miss January, check out her other dates).

I have an appointment with my favorite acupuncturist to try out some PEMF Therapy… I’ll let you know more about that because it’s right in line with my dream of having a Biomat for my massage clients (except I found what I think is a BETTER mat that offers the PEMF benefits… stay tuned).

I’ll do something with the family… TBD… and I’ll likely hit up Butterfly World (I love that place), and I really want to RECEIVE a professional CranioSacral therapy session… I received a lot as a student from other students, and I’m getting amazing results with my clients, but experiencing something from a different perspective always amplifies my knowledge and in turn, my offerings.

And let us not forget POTTERY. My big gift to myself this year is the monthly membership at Sarah Glass Ceramics. Because it’s fun and messy, and creative, and I’m not super good at it, but it brings me JOY. 

As I reflect on my super fun birthday “to-do” list (and wondering exactly when I’m going to fit all my wishes in), I see a bit of a theme.  But then it’s broken up by TACOS (I really want to hear about your favorite tacos… where you go… what you get… crispy or soft… how many do you eat – for REALS, and do you put ketchup on them #Jerry).

The truth is that some of these things I would do anyway… birthday or no birthday (like tacos… and the CranioSacral session… and the acupuncture…). But I’m choosing to use them to CELEBRATE me. I’m choosing to jazz them up in my mind. I’m choosing to appreciate the offerings and not just brush them aside as another thing on the self-care task list. I’m choosing love.

 Because it’s all about love…

P.S. I just received an email from Float8 for a discounted float session for my birthday – soooooo add that to the list!!  Which also reminds me that there’s all kinds of birthday treats out there… ACK! I don’t know where to start hunting! Tell me where to start!