Things in Erin’s Head 

I know some of you have been panicking. But it’s still Wednesday… (I think)…

So, I’ve had the flu.

Not Covid (I took three home tests and a “real” test at CVS). BTW you can still get free home tests delivered to you if you need to restock: 

I don’t know how flus work – how they decide what parts of the body to attack and when, but this was some bullsh!t I tell ya. My body ached. Fever. And the mucus was on an exploratory journey of my upper body. It ran down my throat like lava (which landed in my tummy which was no bueno). Then it changed courses and ran out my nose. Now it’s just kind of lingering with a husky voice and an errant sneeze here and there.

And it made me mad because there was stuff I wanted to DO!

I got an email from the host of the Entrepreneur Wellness Giveaway asking about the links for my free gift… (email me back if you want the link for early bird access tomorrow morning).

I have ideas for Regina’s virtual birthday party and I want to plan them and SHARE them! (If you already KNOW you want to be there regardless of my plans you can RSVP here).


I was going to wait – but I’m gonna spill the beans – the e-book version of Welcome to Caregiving is on pre-order NOW and will drop ON Regina’s birthday – 7/19/22!

If you know someone who has been waiting for their Kindle version, now’s the time to share the love, because it’s HERE

My apologies for making you wait until the end of the day for your Hump Day joy. Just know I love ya…

Because it’s all about love…

Massage Minute brought to you by

These days I feel like people are more considerate about staying home if they don’t feel well. Me? If I’m not 100% I tell my clients so they have the choice of whether or not to come in for a massage. And I always mask up.

A few years ago? People were much more willing to share their sick. True story… 

Several years ago I was working a Health Fair event and had a conversation that went like this:

Client: “Gosh, a massage is JUST what I need today, I feel awful.

Me: “Why do you feel awful?”

Client: “Oh, I’m FREEZING, I just can’t get warm (yes it was “winter” but it was still 85 degrees here in Florida and they were wearing a big ol’ sweater), and my muscles just ACHE.”

Me: “You mean, like you have a fever or the flu? Because a massage isn’t going to make you feel better, it might actually make you feel worse.”

Client: “No, I’m just cold and achy.”

By this time another therapist called them over to their chair and while I believe they heard the conversation they were fine performing the massage and the client was happy to receive it.

Here’s a few reasons why you should skip the massage if you’ve got the flu:

  • Massage helps increase circulation. This is the number one reason why if you’re feeling like crap, a massage will probably just enhance your crappiness. Your body needs to do its thing and adding a massage while your body is already fighting the ICK factor is not going to help. The only possible exception may be reflexology or acupressure.
  • Selfishly, I don’t want whatever you have. If you are in those terrible beginning stages of chills and aches, chances are you are contagious. I also don’t want to pass the ICK on to my other clients. My regular clients know, if I’m sick, I will reschedule your appointment. If you’re sick, I will extend the same courtesy to you and allow you to reschedule with no cancellation fee.
  • When can you come back? Typically, at the tail end of your sickness a massage will help loosen your muscles from all the extra hacking and retching motions you’ve been experiencing and make you feel much better.
  • Massage therapy can improve how the immune system functions, so receiving regular massages, can keep your body humming right along and can help fight off cold, flu and other seasonal illnesses  (AMTA – Massage Therapy May Boost Immune System Functioning) .

Do you have more Massage and the Flu questions for me? Ask away! I’m here to help!