Things in Erin’s Head 


Knock Knock…

Who’s there?


Aura who?

Aura you ready to balance your chakras with some EFT / Tapping?

(come on, you gotta give me that one, it’s kinda funny…)

It’s funny UNLESS you have zero idea what I’m talking about and then it’s not funny at ALL. Auras? Chakras? Tapping? Sometimes (okay, lots of times) I feel like I’m the last person on Earth to learn about stuff (particularly “alternative” modalities – even though I’m a massage therapist). The first time I had a coach take me through an EFT / Tapping exercise I was a smidge horrified. I wondered why they were consolidating all of my worst fears and thoughts – the ones I had told them in confidence – and had me repeating them out LOUD, while literally, physically imprinting them on my body.

It felt like insanity. It felt backwards. I felt like I was somehow betraying myself for saying all of these ugly truths out loud. But at the end of our session, I somehow felt… less anxious. Not as worried. Clearer about my path and desires. A little less afraid. 

And then I wanted to know more… 


What IS tapping? 

Tapping (also known as EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) is in short, a pattern interrupter (a somatic intervention if you will). You physically tap (self-stimulate) acupoints on the head and upper body while focusing on the negative pattern, thought or belief that is no longer serving you and filling the void with love, acceptance and gratitude. 

When we introduce a thought or phrase that activates our normal stress response (our fight / flight / freeze), the tapping action helps to stop our automatic (and spiraling) reaction. The process also helps us create a new link between the trauma and reframe it with a positive association of acceptance. It takes out the ick factor and adds in some warm and fuzzy.

Abraham Hicks (inspirational speaker, channeler, and author) says it takes sixteen seconds of thinking a single thought to attract another thought like it. The longer we focus on the thought, the more thoughts we attract and that thought begins to gain momentum. So if we’re obsessing about a negative thought (remember my recent blog about obsessing over my discontinued shampoo?) we end up in a negative thought pattern (my hair will never be glossy and silky again) and we start to feel negative emotions (if I’m not pretty enough, people won’t like me, and that makes me sad). Here’s what I find fascinating. Our brains can’t really differentiate between what is real and what is perceived. So even if we have a seemingly irrational thought like “I’m not pretty enough,” that thought can send our brains into a state of fight or flight, because it WANTS us to feel safe in community. So when creating your own scripts, please embrace ALL of the thoughts, even if you think they are silly.

When we find ourselves in these patterns of negative thought, we have the opportunity to introduce tapping in order to break the cycle. To interrupt the momentum of the negative thought, pattern, anxiety, or fear. To bring back into balance what feels out of balance. In this example the initial script might look something like this:

“Even though people won’t like me if I’m not pretty, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”
“Even though people think my hair isn’t glossy enough, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Oh and what if I have a story that EVERY time I find something that makes me happy, it somehow DISAPPEARS… my tapping script might look like:

“Even though people take away things I love, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Honestly – I can usually tell when I’ve found a good one when it makes me feel a little queasy to say it out loud! 

I have created a quick video – because it felt easier for me to SHOW you a round of tapping than to get all wordy with the specific steps. Have a watch, tap along with me, then try making your script. The fun thing about tapping is that you really can’t do it WRONG. I’ve seen tapping done with different acupoints, using different types of phrasing (including using positive phrases only), and even with no script at all. So if you get the phrase weird, it’s okay. If you miss a tapping point, you didn’t ruin it. If the first round didn’t work… maybe dig a little deeper and play with a different phrase.

In my July 16, 2024 live, in-person event with Julietta Wenzel, we will be focusing on balancing our chakras with tapping techniques. If you’re new to chakras, fear not! You can find Julietta’s blog that talks more about chakras (so I need not re-create the wheel) and you can find that >>HERE<<. In our class Julietta will be offering an overview of the chakra system and I will be presenting an overview of EFT / Tapping. Each participant will do an initial assessment of their chakras, I will guide the group through rounds of tapping to help balance the chakras, each participant will re-assess to see the effects of the work, and as time permits we will allow for open discussion. It’s going to be a fun two hours, and I hope if you’re local to me that you’ll be able to attend. SPACE IS LIMITED – so please register early! For more details and to register, please click below:


Benefits of Tapping 

Why oh WHY would you want to do this??

These are some of the benefits I have I experienced thought my tapping practice (which just HAPPEN to align with the three pillars of my teachings: Awareness, Feelings, and Movement – go figure!).

  • It brings me into the present moment and into a place of Awareness (Pillar One – Awareness)
  • It allows me space and encourages me to acknowledge, speak out loud, and validate how I’m feeling (Pillar Two – Feelings)
  • The movement offers a somatic interruption and shifts my energy (Pillar Three – Movement)

I have found that tapping:

  • Reduces the emotional charge surrounding a thought, belief, or pattern
  • Feels Safe. It’s non-invasive. I can do it alone, privately.
  • It’s Quick. Easy. Can be done anywhere, solo or with someone else.
  • Can also feel extra healing in a group environment, with that collective energy building positive momentum together.

There are studies that show EFT / Tapping can have a positive impact on 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Phobias

(here’s one article posted in the National Library of Medicine: Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health

Is tapping the end all be all cure for all that ails us? Mmmmm. I’d never claim miracles my friends. But it’s a place to start. It’s a pause. It’s a way to begin reframing our experiences and rewiring our thinking. Has it helped me? Immensely. 

  • I’ve tapped in hospitals to shift from worry to hope
  • I’ve tapped at home in bed to shift from a racing brain, to a mind that could fall asleep.
  • I’ve tapped on the beach to shift from anxiety over taking a day off to being able to enjoy the sea.
  • I’ve tapped about relationships, money, health, fears, anxieties, and petty annoyances. 
  • I’ve run scripts silently in my mind without physically tapping. I’ve tapped without having a script. (You can’t do it wrong) 

At minimum I’ve found that tapping always brings me down at least one notch on my distress scale (with one being totally chill and ten being unbearable). Yes, it’s possible for stories and issues to re-emerge for us because we may have cleared one layer of our issue, but there may be another hiding just beneath the surface (and another, and another…). Tapping is a friendly tool that helps to reframe the things that cause us unnecessary angst. Just remember, it’s a practice my friends. A practice rooted in love. 

Because it’s all about love…

Spaces are limited so secure your place today: 
Tuesday, July 16, 2024
6:00 – 8:00pm

Body & Soul Ministries 
720 NE 3rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


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