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Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are talking about LITTER.

Not the trash kind… the KITTY kind.

First invented in 1947, Edward Lowe discovered that a clay formula was more effective than ashes or sand as an indoor kitty pee-pee collector. Initially pet stores said, “No way,” because they didn’t think people would pay for it. (They were wrong – come to find out people didn’t WANT literal fireplace ashes tracked all over the house). Lowe created Tidy Cat in 1964 and by the 90s he was the leader in the cat box filler industry. According to Future Market Insights, the cat litter industry is estimated to reach $5 BILLION dollars this year. 

And why in this lifetime would I ever care to know this information?

Because I haven’t been able to find my cat’s litter.

#NotMyCat is my first indoor / outdoor kitty and I’m 98.672% sure that her former daddy didn’t have a litterbox for her. Since she’s not allowed out at “dark time” we keep a box for her to use in the house. Interestingly enough, she prefers the indoor litterbox to going outside, in the dirt, 24/7. Go figure. 

Here’s the thing with not being able to find HER litter. 

Cats are particular. They are notoriously finicky about EVERYTHING. Their food. Their beds. Their toys. Their humans (see my August 30 newsletter: “He Said He’s Gonna Get a Dog”). AND their litter. You see, there’s more than one kind. You have traditional clay, clumping clay, silica, wheat, pine, walnut, corn, paper, tofu… 

You can’t just change it willy nilly. There are steps. You have to graaaadualllly add the new to the old. Over a period of days if not weeks. Texture is a thing. Scent is a thing. It’s all a THING. I liken it to toilet paper. You know how you have your favorite brand? You’re just a three-ply girl. Then your husband comes home with a megapack of two-ply, (because it was on sale) and you’re kind of like, “What is this crap?” and you are left to suffer through twenty-three more rolls of HELL until it runs out and you get to the store to snatch up your preferred brand #2020Flashback.

Last month I went to THREE grocery stores to find the litter (Chewy was also out, hence the frantic grocery store scavenger hunt). 

This month? No such luck. It was nary to be found. And the shelves were practically bare of ALL brands. So what gives? I had to Google it and according to the New York Post, “A kitty litter shortage is sweeping the nation.” It turns out that Clorox, who produces three major brands of litter, (and who nearly nudged Lowe out of the market in the 80s) suffered a cybersecurity attack in mid-August that has left store shelves naked and it’s going to take some time for them to catch up. Well, we’re waiting. (Not so patiently).

I’m curious… Do you think I’ve lost my mind? OR would you too drive to a bazillion stores to get the THING your fur baby needs? #Love

Because it’s all about love…

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