Things in Erin’s Brain 

A literal stream of consciousness, which took place during this morning’s fifteen minute walk while I was also “listening” to Mina Mornings which was all about being “present.” Yes, I admit with some humility I was absolutely not present and was completely swept away. Because I’m human.

Are you ready Hump Day Fan? Here we go (hold on tight…)

Damn headache. Why do I have headaches? I need to check my Louise Hay book.

Right or left today? Right.

Ouch. Foot. Walk it off. Ohh, hip, what you chattering about?  Where is my Louise Hay book?

I replayed a conversation I had with a member of my mastermind last night where a gal said to me, “I was surprised when you said you didn’t complete the task. You seem like someone who never misses a deadline, who is totally on top of it, and when I was getting ready for tonight I thought to myself, ‘Of course Erin will have done the work.'”  Her observations were not untrue… but I’m also human. I wondered about the vibe I give off. Do I appear too stuffy? Then I laughed because y’all see all kinds of crazy “human” behavior from me. It was also uncomfortable for me to acknowledge and be accountable for not finishing said task. Sometimes I have to remind myself I’m human too. (yeah, my eye is twitching). #PerfectlyImperfect

“Ten Ways to Support a Caregiver (and ONE thing to NEVER do!)” I want to create it and get it into the world. For free. 

What are we doing for Thanksgiving? <brief, fast forward replay of every Thanksgiving I can possibly recall>

Oh wait – what is Mina saying? Hmmm. Something about the thoughts we think first thing in the morning…

I need to fix the toilet.

Yuck it’s hot out here today.

Where are those gnats coming from?

Oh! Chakra balancing class tonight! Yes. 

Ya, I need to make the ribs. 

Oh, what’s Mina saying? Mmmm. Not dismissing negative thoughts immediately. Interesting. 

Do I have whistles for the kids for Halloween? 

What am I going to write in this week’s newsletter that will compliment craniosacral?

Oh, that dog has a tail like a raccoon. I wonder if they named him “Coon.”? 

I need to pull these weeds. 

I love the blue door on my house. Good call, Jerry. 

I’m glad I’m walking. It feels good to move. 

Hmmm. The newsletter. I’m not feeling any good stories… just all this banter in my brain. Well, there you go. Be human Erin. Show the banter. They will still love you… 

Because it’s all about love…

P.S. Yeah, I’m going to re-listen to Mina Mornings because I was NOT present for that call.  I also welcome any reciprocal sharing of Popcorn Brain. I can’t be the only one… how do you slow the mind?


Massage Minute brought to you by

“Nature makes the best designs. Every design in nature is for a purporse and is the most efficient way to accomplish a task. We should study the way nature does things and try to emulate it, rather than clumsily and egotistically trying to invent our own. We cannot improve on natural design; we need only understand it.” -Jon Vredevoogd.

Last week I volunteered to share more with you about the craniosacral technique… before I took the course. It’s my excitement that lead me to make that promise. So this morning I cracked open my text book and began reading. First “An Appreciation of John E. Upledger,” then the foreword, and finally the preface. My mind is blown and I haven’t even laid my hands on a skull. 

I’ve been lit up by passages like,

“…this book throws light on mechanisms that lie ‘between body and mind’…”


“people… continue to suffer even though they have passed through the portals of some of the finest health care facilities in the world. Why?”


But this… THIS is what makes me want to do nothing today except read this text book (ohhh how I’ve missed a good textbook!).

“It became apparent that the movement of the dural membrane was rhythmical at about 8 cycles per minute. This rhythmic activity was independent of the patient’s breathing and cardiac rhythms. It was another physiological rhythm.” -John E. Upledger

INDEPENDENT of the patient’s breathing and cardiac rhythms. 

I’m pausing here. I don’t want to pull excerpts from a textbook and simply restate them for you with no personal insight or emotion (that would be painfully boring). Instead I’m going to tackle a few things on that scatter-brained stream of consciousness above (like getting my toilet fixed) and focus on getting prepared for my four day craniosacral training that starts in two weeks.

Have questions? Ask away… 

I’m here for you.