Your massage is different… In a good way…

By prioritizing technique over pressure, I don’t need to force my way in. Instead, I peel you back like an onion. Layer, by layer. Softening the tissue, allowing your body to remember what it’s like to be balanced, giving it space to heal itself.

Over more than decade, I have received specialized training in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, CranioSacral, Ashiatsu Deep Tissue, manual lymphatic drainage, cupping, and Reiki techniques. All of this knowledge resides in my brain and surfaces at the exact right moment to help me create custom massage sessions that help my clients manage their chronic pain without leaving them feeling beat up.

Erin is the kindest soul, and it shows in the amazing work she does.

My intuitive nature and excellent palpation skills help me hone in on the areas causing your discomfort. It’s the number one question I receive, “How do you FIND the spots? You found areas no one has ever found before.” My hands just know. I can feel the tension, the stickiness, the ball of tissue that forms a knot from repetitive and overuse… I just know.

And because I want you to have a relaxing experience that doesn’t involve algebraic levels of math, my pricing includes access to all of this knowledge, specialty training, tools and techniques with no additional upcharges. Because I want to provide maximum value, the time you book is the actual hands-on massage time you receive (unless you’re late…). Because I believe we all deserve a little extra pampering, things like aromatherapy and hot stones are included. For free.

Massage doesn’t have to hurt to be effective. You can have BOTH a good, muscle releasing massage, AND a peel-you-off-the-ceiling, send-you-to-another-galaxy experience.

Come visit me. I look forward to holding space for you.




60 Min $110 | 75 Min $135 | 90 Min $160

This massage is an effective blend of Swedish, myofascial release, trigger point, and CranioSacral techniques, that release your body’s soft tissue without beating you up. Additional tools including cupping, manual lymphatic drainage, and reflexology may be incorporated to aid in the treatment at no additional charge. 

Deena, Chronic Pain Sufferer

This is my healing place.


60 Min $110 | 75 Min $135 | 90 Min $160

Our Integrative Therapy Massage with a healthy, balanced dose of Reiki, CranioSacral, crystal energy, and chakra balancing. This massage helps relax your body, heart, and soul and leaves you feeling more fully aligned.


45-60 Min $110

Unlike traditional massage techniques, only about 5 grams of pressure (the weight of a nickel) is applied to the client’s body to help release restrictions and facilitate the body’s natural and innate healing process. The client remains fully clothed during the protocol (loose comfortable clothing – no jeans please) and the treatment can take anywhere from 45-60 minutes depending how the body responds to the treatment.

The CranioSacral Ten Step Protocol includes work at the cranium (skull), sacrum (tailbone), and fascia along the lower abdomen, chest, collarbone, neck and jaw.
Some sensations you may experience during the treatment is warmth in the area being worked on, rapid “pulsing” in the tissue, deeper breathing, and relaxation or release of fascia and muscle tissue.

Individual results vary.

Vanessa, Chronic Pain Sufferer / Autoimmune Patient

After searching and making many calls to find someone, I chose Erin and I’m very happy I made that choice!


60 Min $110 | 75 Min $135 | 90 Min $160

**ASHIATUS IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE as I work through some foot healing. I encourage you to try the new Energy Massage for a slightly different approach to the traditional massage. **

For those who love the sensation of deeper PRESSURE. Standing on the on the massage table, clients receive the weight of my body as I use my feet to perform the massage. It sounds super weird – and I’m not walking on your back. Instead, my feet and weight allow me to apply even, gliding pressure to the body: no more pointy elbows digging into your back. The overhead parallel bars allow me to balance and control the pressure so I can really sink into your muscles and lighten up in more tender areas. If you’re a lover of the “deep tissue” massage, you’re going to love Ashi.


Beginning at $200.00

In-home massages are available for established clientele in East Broward County. Prices are quoted based on location. Please contact us directly for more information.

(*) Unfortunately not all services can be performed during mobile massage; therefore all-inclusive pricing may not apply. Please contact us for more information and pricing details

Jebbie, Yoga Instructor E-RTY500

You leave floating, feeling relaxed, re-energized, and most importantly not in pain anymore.


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My professional establishment is conveniently located in Wilton Manors, the Island City suburb of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Address: 1650 NE 26th Street, Suite 203, Wilton Manors, FL 33305

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I currently see clients by appointment only.

General operating hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Contact Information: 954-380-8829,

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