Things in Erin’s Head 


Last week was my birthday (HELLO 49… and man, it’s the NINE years that tend to get to me more than the actual milestones…). I took the day off and spent it with Jerry. We had a leisurely morning, went to Bonnet House museum for the first time, which I really enjoyed. If you’re visiting Fort Lauderdale, or you’re like me and have lived here for nearly a decade and have never been, I highly recommend it. To experience what South Florida used to be in all of its tropical majesty is completely worth it. Beautiful grounds, lovely art, interesting history. 

We picked up some sushi at Fresh Market (and I got a free slice of birthday cake… and even though I don’t particularly LIKE cake, I tried it. Still don’t really like cake.). I took a nap… And then we went out for FANCY DINNER.

This. This << Test First Name >>, is where I apparently go to Catholic Girl Hell. (Also not a total surprise because I have an entire chapter in my book about FOOD). We went to Truluck’s which just re-opened on Fort Lauderdale Beach. If you were familiar with their Galleria location, it’s not that anymore. It’s more modern, some of the diners were much more casual #BeachTown, and I missed the live piano. What’s the same is the impeccable service and fantastic food. And we indulged. I had a cocktail with smoky dry ice, calamari, a wedge salad, scallops, spinach, and CAKE.

There are two exceptions to my “cake is icky” rule. The first is Truluck’s carrot cake. Which truly is a conundrum because I don’t like cake and I REALLY don’t like carrot cake. Do you ever crave things you don’t like? Or is that just me? The second is the limoncello cake at The Butcher’s Barrel in Oakland Park. I don’t know what voodoo magic these places work, but to make a “cake is icky” girl order the cake FIRST, you know it’s good.

After eating all of this food I was feeling… full… like food baby, is it all going to stay down, straight up gluttonous, full. Which led to me saying to Jerry, “That’s it. Gluttony. It’s going to be the sin that does me in.” 

I am not a particularly good Catholic, y’all. I don’t know if I can even call myself that because I was never confirmed. It’s just the closest I ever came to any form of organized religion – and even that was many, many decades ago. So please allow me some grace because not only did I have to look up the Seven Deadly Sins (which I found at which feels kind of like an oxymoron, but it was helpful for today’s conversation), I don’t have a good understanding of how this may or may not translate into any other religion or belief. (Which you are more than welcome to share with me because while I’m not likely to be converted, I am curious).

I shared the story with another friend and she said, “Gluttony over sloth?” For me, yes, because it’s almost impossible for me to be lazy. 

Pride? I’m good with pride, because I’m solid in knowing I am not better than anyone else.

Lust. I mean… (I’m thinking about this one…) haha. Seriously. I’m pretty good here. I don’t feel like a lusty person (which isn’t just about s-e-x, but is also applied to lust for power, money, etc). It’s not going to be my demise.

Greed. Again. I’m good. 

WRATH. The last thing I need in my life is to be planning some deep revenge plot. I’m safe.

And finally, envy. This one is a little curious because I feel like a lot of advertising pokes us to be envious. Keeping up with the Joneses. Isn’t that promoting envy? Do I wish I had what some people had? Sometimes. Is it all consuming in the way that will land me in a fiery hell-hole? No. I hold gratitude for the blessings in my life. And there are many.

This is getting long, so I’m leaving you with this final thought (and I’d love to hear your thoughts)… 

I feel like most of these sins can kind of smoosh together. Picture it: (Sicily… 1945… #Sofia #GoldenGirls)

You see someone with something you want (envy), and you want all of it (greed), and you want it so, so bad (lust), because YOU are better than THEM (pride), and so you plot an attack (wrath), but are so lazy that you never really implement it (sloth), so you kind of rot and suffer until you die. = Hell. 

But where is the GLUTTONY?? Why is stuffing your face a sin?? Okay, maybe you’re plotting your wrath while eating can after can of Pringles on the couch (gluttony AND sloth). I may be in denial, but I just don’t connect the dots.

Now you know what’s going to get me. My weakness. My sin. So tell me dear reader, what sin is going to do you in? I’m DYING to know! 

Because it’s all about love…

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