Things in Erin’s Head


It’s been a WEEK y’all…

Tech things. My email is all wonky and Google is having a rough time getting it sorted out. I’ve spent HOURS and over two WEEKS trying to get it working correctly. I’ve got band-aids in place, but it’s really nicer when your email works.

My car needed maintenance things in a series of strange events that ended with new brakes, a new battery (poor Jerry got stuck and had to walk home), a headlight, and new tires (including new wheel locks because AAA gloriously and irreparably jacked up my wheel lock key).

I helped my sister with some moving which inspired me to consider starting a moving support group. Module One: “I only have the kitchen left to pack…” (you know you’ve said it, << Test First Name >> – I know *I* have!) and Module Two: Productive Procrastination (which you know if you read my book that when moving really overwhelms me I find it necessary to roll coins. Because HEAVEN FORBID I move with loose change). It was also bloody hot in South Florida – in a “feels like 108 degrees” kind of way, which is not normal for us, even in the summer months. I putting that support group idea in the “Big Ideas” folder. 

In the middle of all of the frustration and overwhelm and sweat I wondered, “How will I celebrate this?”

Because after all, it IS the month of the CELEBRATION SERIES. And sometimes (most of the time), pausing during periods of great stress and overwhelm can be really healing. So this is what I chose to do:

1) I ordered some watercolor paints. I’ve never really worked with watercolor (maybe when I was a child, but not in my many, many adult years). I love the boldness of acrylics, but have been following a lot of water color feeds on Instagram and am very intrigued with the wet-on-wet technique and seeing where the paint goes. It will be an interesting lesson for me because I also love the CONTROL of acrylics and water color doesn’t really offer that. It will be good for me. This celebration is two-fold. A) a monetary, physical gift for myself (I didn’t go crazy on professional supplies, so the cost was minimal) and B) the time to actually PLAY with the water color. Win-Win. What am I celebrating? This was earmarked for me offering a complete series to you, << Test First Name >>, with focused content in emails, social media, and short, live videos. I’m celebrating meeting a goal. I’m celebrating CELEBRATING. 🙂

Celebrating can be trying something new. 

2) I took a nap. I was dehydrated and physically tired after the moving activities (and the uber stress of the car maintenance and the infuriation over the Google mess). So I blocked off a day on my calendar with the specific intention of NOT working. I napped for three HOURS. I will have zero issue falling asleep and am confident I’ll also sleep through the night again, because, I can tell my mind and body just need the reset. I’m also certain my dreams will entertain me, and that’s ALWAYS a party. This celebration was for my body that served me and supported me and allowed me to help my sister with her move, which was really important to me. 

Celebrating can be literally… NOTHING. 

3) I went to the movies. I treated myself to a movie with a dear friend. We went to see Barbie, which was much better than I expected – it was actually pretty deep. It made me laugh, made me cry, and made me THINK. I’d love to hear your feelings about Barbie… mine were mixed. I loved loved loved Barbie as a kid. Honestly, I don’t remember really thinking “Oh if Barbie can do it, so can I…” Eight year old Erin really used Barbie to re-enact scenes from Days of Our Lives and Young and the Restless. And maybe there’s something subliminal living inside me (Lord knows I’ve had my own body issues), but I don’t specifically remember feeling like I needed to LOOK like Barbie. Once everyone started talking about how unrealistic she was and basically made her “bad,” adult Erin was kind of turned off from the whole brand. The movie made me look at it differently and I think it was an excellent use of the icon’s image and repositioning of Barbie’s message. And I had fun chatting about all of it with a good friend.

Celebrating can be sharing something fun with a friend.

4) Maybe you want to celebrate by taking a leap. Jumping in with both feet. It just so happens that my friend Kim Galloway is offering a free class TOMORROW, June 26, 2023 pulling back the curtain on her proven, five step process to help dreaming writers finally (FINALLY) write their book. She helped best selling authors like me, Julie Zolfo, Nancy Whitman, Rochelle Seltzer and more get their message out into the world. Kim is chill and lovely and smart. If you’ve been thinking about authoring a book, check her out. You can use my exclusive link to sign up: >>FREE Finally Write Your Book Class<<

Celebrating can be believing in yourself.

I will be live again this Friday, June 28, 2023 for the final Facebook Live of the Celebration Series with replays up soon on my YouTube channel

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you there! 

Because it’s all about love…

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