Things in Erin’s Head 


There are a few hotly debated topics in this world. Politics and religion are the ones we are taught to avoid both at the Thanksgiving dinner table and in group settings pretty much everywhere. And there are a few others. Does the toilet paper roll go over or under? Do you dust before you vacuum? If you want to see a group of normally chill people come unhinged, go ahead and spark the question to a group of massage therapists, “Does massage release toxins?” 

Today’s hot debate topic was inspired by a trip I took to Doral last week. I went to the AARP offices to attend a seminar on becoming a volunteer speaker. (Did you know ANY group can request presentations from AARP on a myriad of topics that support folks 50+? Interested? Visit their Speakers Bureau page). I arrived early because I had to navigate my way from Fort Lauderdale to the South Miami location (this in itself can be trauma inducing because seasonal traffic is a disaster, seasonal drivers can be a bit crazy, constant construction is a thing, and the I-95… aye aye aye IYKYK). 

While I sat in the parking lot, I observed four different cars trying to BACK into parking spaces. Two tried backing into adjacent spaces at the same time, from different directions, and I sat back and waited for the collision. One aborted the back in and attempted to properly park (yep, I said it) front first in a space, but they overshot it, and gave up completely. They left. I pulled into my space (front first) and about ten minutes later a car decided to back in next to me. It took them at least three tries to get in the space. The lot was equally divided between front parkers and backer-inners and it made me wonder…


Why do you back in? 

I’m absolutely laughing right now because there are people I dearly love who back in to parking spaces religiously and I know they have their reasons. I don’t know what the reasons are, but I know they are as passionate about backing in as I am about NOT backing in. Which is why I never, ever, ever TALK about it, because it’s one of those topics that gets me super fired up. And no one really needs to see that.  

But today I’m dying to know… Are you Team Front Park or Team Back It In? 

And just know… if I’m ever a passenger in your car, I will bite my tongue off before I comment on your parking style, and there will be no judgment (okay, I might think, “Ohhh, a backer-inner…” in the way one might react to people who keep ketchup in the refrigerator…), but mostly there will be oodles of gratitude for you driving me to our destination, and of course an abundance of love for getting us there safely.

Because it’s all about love…