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Today is a good day indeed.

Today is Regina’s 7th birthday. Who is Regina?? Regina is Jerry’s liver. At first I thought we were the only ones to name our transplanted organ… but I found out it’s actually a *thing* among transplant recipients. 

Regina was originally destined to be named Reggie… but when we found out Jerry’s organ donor was a female, Jerry made a quick edit and our little football sized organ became known as Regina.

Regina was a handful when she first joined our family. Stubborn. Controlling. A little dangerous. Strong. Determined. Part of me wonders if her original human held those traits as well… if the donor family would hear our transplant story and say, “Yup! That’s typical!”


But thanks to the team at Cleveland Clinic Florida, today we get to celebrate SEVEN years with Regina. 

And tonight, Jerry and I are celebrating Regina’s birthday with a special episode of ASK JERRY. We will share the story of Regina and the challenges she delivered. We will answer any questions you have about Jerry’s journey as a transplant patient and my experience as a Caregiver. Have questions about organ donation? We will answer those too. 

You are invited to join us TONIGHT AT 6:30PM EASTERN live on Zoom, which will be streaming live on my personal Facebook page. Can’t join us live? Email me your questions and I’ll answer them during the event (I’ll keep your info private) and you can catch the replay on my YouTube channel. 

Happy Happy Birthday to Regina. We’re thinking of your original human today. Giving thanks for her and sending love to the donor family who we know is thinking of her today as well. 

Because it’s all about love…


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