“Welcome to Caregiving:

The Things Caregivers Never Talk About”

In “Welcome to Caregiving” the author shares the truth about caregiving with humor, wit, and grace. Her stories describe what it’s like to balance all of the “other duties as assigned” while caring for a loved one.

Welcome to Caregiving’s

2024 Patient Handbook Starter Kit

This organizational and planning tool helps patients communicate more effectively with their caregiver(s) and medical professionals. The binder system includes removable tabbed sections with a calendar, contacts, medication lists, appointment notes, and the “love notes” section for journaling or additional note taking. 

2024 Refill Bundle

Save $5 when you bundle all three refills.

It’s time to start planning for the new year! The 2024 Refill Bundle includes a 2024 Calendar, additional Appointment Notes pages, and Love Notes pages.

2024 Calendar Refill

If you already have The Patient Handbook, this is your annual update! Electronics are lovely… but they don’t always work. And sometimes we just need a pen and paper to see our medical notes and appointments all in one place. Need more Appointment Notes pages and Love Notes refills? Check out the 2024 Refill Bundle and save $5 on your purchase.

Ten Ways to Support a Caregiver

You know you want to help, but you just don’t know HOW. This free resource will help spark creative ways to share love with the Caregiver in your life.

Body Scan Checklist

The Body Scan Checklist helps patients and Caregivers communicate with medical professionals effectively and efficiently to help get the most out of your appointments.



Free download that debunks five myths about organ donation. Have questions? Ask away. I’m here to help soften the journey.

Five Ways to Celebrate

(without cake or champagne)

A free download to help you celebrate LIFE, celebrate BIG WINS, and small ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

Taking the Pause:

Redefining Self-Care

I remember as as caregiver people reaching out to me and saying, “What are you doing for YOU?” and I would just cringe inside (and probably on the outside too). Self-Care can often feel like just another “Other Duty As Assigned” for a Caregiver. Join me for this interactive workshop as I guide you though different ways to help redefine how we look at self-care.

Pure Patient Direct

First introduced to Pure Encapsulations by Jerry’s transplant nutritionist, they have been my go-to supplement provider ever since. As a distribution partner now have the ability to offer their products directly to my community and YOU receive the benefit a 10% discount on most products.

Cuddle Me Love® Body Pillow

The Cuddle Me Love® LLC, mission is to enhance sleep quality for anyone suffering from physical pain, disabilities, and mental health challenges. (note: this is an affiliate link and I may receive a small commission from your purchase).

Mellow Meditations by Jebbie

My friend Jebbie created a series of eighteen meditations to help you connect with your body and breath in fun, mellow, cheerful ways. This link is to Apple Music, but you can find these free meditations on multiple platforms. 

Comphy Co Linens

Each time a new massage client comes in they comment on how soft my sheets are. I use these sheets at home as well. To help support Caregivers in their quest for restful sleep, I have become an affilate for Comphy Co because these are my most favorite sheets.