Things in Erin’s Head 


The smorgasbord of fun and frolic in my brain is never, ever ending. For today’s folly we have short and sweet updates:

1)  #NotMyCat approached three strangers and basically begged them to pet her. All at once. Three people petting one little Tortie all at the same time. I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor. Okay, so they were strangers to HER, but not to US, because it was my family staying with us. 🙂 But STILL. It was crazy.

2) I keep getting these darn pop-ups from Dell on my computer that are slowing this newsletter writing process down.

3) I enjoy that this newsletter is light and a fun place to visit for people… whenever. People are always telling me to add a “Call to Action” or whatever sales / marketing whatnot, but I LIKE this space this way. It’s a pause for Caregivers and non-Caregivers and it brings me joy to create it for you. I am working on a new something-or-other that will launch this Spring… but keep an eye out for a separate email about that. I want to keep the Hump Day fun. 🙂

4) I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, but I do entertain a Word of the Year. This year I chose the word EASE. Not EASY – just EASE. Picture a roof leak. You have to figure out where the water is coming from before you can fix it because water will always choose the path of least resistance. That’s me. Aquarius. The Water Bearer (yet, an air sign, because… well that’s where I figure I get my crazy from). I think next week will be the full Word of the Year newsletter to properly address this concept because I didn’t quite nail it here…

5) I got Covid. (Am I supposed to write that out loud?) I dodged that mother for three years and it finally got me. I’m fine. I’ve tested negative. Jerry didn’t get it. My family who stayed with me didn’t get it. Just me. #Rockstar #Overachiever. Thank you 2024.

And on that note, my friends, Happy, Happy New Year and remember…

It’s all about love…

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