What a dynamic speaker…

An incredible story! Thank you so much for all the work you did to get to this point, for being brave enough to share your story, and for raising awareness of the need to recognize and acknowledge caregivers in the hugely important role they play. This was by far the best session I have ever been to.”

“Very engaging and informative presentation. Helped me to re-focus on the importance of the caregiver. Loved Erin’s resources, humor, and message. Very powerful and inspiring, Erin is a very talented storyteller…”


Each of these experiences can be offered live, in person, or virtually to any size organization.
I speak to groups of any size both virtually and in person. If you’re interested in adding a dynamic speaker to your platform to talk about caregiving, please complete the form and I will contact you with an estimate and availability.

The Keynote

Welcome to Caregiving

Originally developed for medical professionals, my signature presentation “Welcome to Caregiving: The Things Caregivers Never Talk About” has been crafted to help those on the outer rims of caregiving to better understand and to help better serve the caregiving community. This presentation can be easily customized to fit the heart of your organization’s demographic.

The Workshop

Taking the Pause

Self-care can feel BIG. Like another thing on the Caregiver list of “Other Duties as Assigned.”

“Taking the Pause: Redefining Self-Care” was created as an interactive workshop to help individuals reimagine what self-care looks like. By focusing on Replenishing, Reflection, and Receiving, participants can redefine their self-care experience and uncover a gentle appreciation for how they are already serving themselves. This workshop is lovely for support groups, or any organization promoting preventive health and self-care.

Support Group Q&A

Specifically tailored to your support group, the Support Group Q&A is a shorter, biographical presentation with more opportunity for an open forum, ask-me-anything experience. If you are a non-profit organization hosting a support group in your community, you are welcome to apply to one of my quarterly gratis speaking engagements.

Custom Presentation

Have an idea for something uniquely tailored to your group? Contact me and we will co-create an experience together.

LIVED EXPERIENCE – Erin has the unique perspective of having been a Caregiver for major medical events in three different States, with four different medical centers. There is nothing that communicates a message better than a heartfelt, honest recounting of lived experience.

YOUR CO-CREATOR – Erin wants your job to be easy. To help things flow. To make you shine. Media Kits are ready to go and Erin is also available for pre-event for interviews, podcasts, and videos.

MAKING SOMETHING DIFFICULT, FUN – Erin wants to surprise and delight your audience. Caregiving can be an emotional, raw subject. Erin brings flair and humor to each of her presentations making them interactive and engaging. And the fun and learning doesn’t stop there. Erin continues to engage post-event through email and socials.


MEDIA KIT – Making your job easier

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RESOURCES – Curious about what else Erin offers?

Visit her Resources page to access her Amazon best-selling book Welcome to Caregiving: The Things Caregivers Never Talk About, The Patient Handbook, and a host of other tools and resources to help soften the Caregiving journey.

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