Things in Erin’s Brain 

Where to begin, oh WHERE to begin…

As a little girl, my bedroom was also the guest bedroom. This meant I was lucky enough to be a little 10 year old with a BIG double bed. I had an awesome comforter with bunches of wildflowers in every color of the rainbow, with a ruffled hem, and pillow shams with matching billowy ruffles. 

I loved my bed.

I also loved to share my bed. With about 100,000 stuffed animals. 

We have a home movie of my bedroom, all neat and tidy, ready for my grandparents to come stay with us. My aunt was filming (with the old-school, ginormous, VHS recorder that had to sit on your shoulder). In her narration she was feigning disappointment that my grandparents chose to stay with my mom and not her. 

The camera pans across the room and pauses on the bed, “And look at all these LOST SOULS on this bed!” 

I wish I had a still shot to share with you. The bed was nearly filled with fluffy rabbits, dolls, dogs (at least three were named “Cuddles”), bears, cats, Bambi, ET, Cabbage Patch Kids, Pound Puppies… if it was from the 80s I had it (except for Rainbow Brite – that was my sister’s jam). I slept neatly tucked on one side of the bed and the soulless balls of fluff occupied the other HALF. I didn’t move them at night. I wanted to sleep with them all. They were all like the Velveteen Rabbit for me. Loved. Real. 

Over the years the toys were dispersed. Many went to a dear friend’s children. Others went to another friend who made “art” out of them (by putting them in compromising positions which I did NOT find acceptable). Others… I kept. Because they bring me joy when I look at them. 

Today I was on a mastermind call and our guide told a story about her stuffed animals (HELLO… how many people do you REALLY know who still have stuffed animals?). In her story, she had lined up her beloved balls of puff and practiced the speech she was giving to land her dream job. (Yeah, she got it).

As I listened to the story I lit up inside. I remembered the bed. The comforter. The animals. I remembered my parakeet, “Petie” who lived in my room. I remembered the vanity I received as a second hand gift. I adored its secret mirror and the petite drawers for me to stash my teenage treasures.

And you know what? As I’m practicing my signature talk, “Taking the Pause: Redefining Self Care” for my next speaking engagement, I’m going to line up my sweet, stuffed friends and let them enjoy the ride with me. So if you happen to see me speaking at an event and I giggle just a little… you’ll know why… 

Because… love…

Massage Minute brought to you by

My favorite part about learning a new modality is that it creeps into everything I do. 

Techniques I learned in Ashiatsu I can also apply with my hands. Trigger point, myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage… they all live inside my inner tool box, ready and waiting to serve my clients.

Craniosacral training was all I hoped it would be and more. Yesterday I massaged my first clients since the training and not only did the new techniques flow, but the philosophy is blooming inside me. 

I’ve always been able to find the things. My clients know this.

“How did you find that spot?” I just feel it…

“How did you know to go there?” I just know…

I dare say this latest training has amplified my intuition tenfold. << Test First Name >>, I can’t tell you how much fun it is! The trust, the surrender, seeing a client’s body shift, release, and settle with a deep exhale. It’s why I do what I do. 

On the last day of craniosacral training my partner said in disbelief, “I swear I could still feel you at my feet but you were working on my stomach – like a part of you stayed at my feet.” 

Yeah. I kind of do that.

She dubbed me the Roy Kent of massage (if you know… you know… #TedLasso) and so now every time she thinks of me she’s going to sing his chant…

If you want to be in the know here’s a YouTube link (there’s bad words so cover the kiddos ears).

REMINDER – Local folks – I have a few more spots left for the donation based craniosacral work. Details: At my Wilton Manors studio. You make a donation in whatever amount your sweet heart desires. I request cash, Venmo, or Zelle. Available now through 11/15/22. 

With love,