Things in Erin’s Head


As I finalize my preparations to speak to a few hundred transplant social workers about caregiving, I find myself in a cocoon-ish phase. Quiet. Peaceful. Happy at home with my beloved and Miss Bumper. As my eyes get heavy with sleep, I think of all I have endured to reach this space.

Seven years ago when we got “The Call” for Jerry to receive his transplant.

Fourteen years ago when the specialist said to Jerry, “Didn’t they tell you, you have cancer?” 

Even as recent as this morning when that familiar little niggle crept up my spine that told me it was time for Jerry’s scans. Jerry is three years cancer free and we work together to keep him that way.

My caregiving responsibilities may not be as deep as they once were when we were in the throws of major medical. But they are still there. And I have been forever changed by them. That niggle will always be a part of me. 

This week, a few new podcasts dropped that share my stories and caregiver insights. Each host brings out something a little different in me; so no two episodes are the same. Some are quick. Some are quite in depth. I encourage you to choose one that appeals to you and have a listen. And if it speaks to you, share with someone you love.

Because it’s all about love…



Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino

Caregiver Chronicles

The Survivor with Amanda Blackwood
(with a special bonus behind-the-scenes track)

Through the Trauma with Amber Larkins

Fun is Fundamental 


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