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Today brings record heat to South Florida. It was 85 degrees by 7:00am this morning. We’re butting up against heat records dating all the way back to 1884 (Key West), 1935 (Fort Lauderdale), and 1995 (Miami). Throw in our humidity and temps feel like they are up to 100-108 degrees. (CBS News)

The sticky heat keeps #NotMyCat inside, all day. She’s not mad about it and neither am I because I have a new hawk living somewhere adjacent to my backyard. I’ve seen him on my fence three times now, including late this morning, when I was in deep procrastination and stepped outside to notice: the heat, the hawk, two iguanas, a bazillion dragonflies, and a mockingbird. If I held up my hands in that imaginary “take a picture with your fingers – CLICK” pose, everything would have fit in one screen shot. 

I am very excited to have the red shouldered hawk around, but I’m still nervous about its interaction with #NotMyCat. While I think the cat is too big for the hawk to carry away, I’m not convinced the hawk wouldn’t try, or at minimum take a good dive at her. So I’m keeping an eye on that situation.

I’m also keeping a very close eye on the sourdough starter. I am on day FOUR and I haven’t killed it yet. (Now that I’m into plants and have 19 plants that have survived… well.. ME…, I have faith that I can keep anything alive. Anyone need a babysitter?? I can do it. I swear.). I’ll catch you all up on the sourdough this Friday morning at 9am during my Facebook live. If you miss those little 15 minute segments, you can catch replays on my YouTube channel (just click “subscribe”). I’ve been taking particular pride in my blooper reels. Mostly because I’m striving to abandon perfection in my life and those bloopers are my personal tokens of accomplishment. 

Y’all know I love a good synchronicity. Last weekend I was at the Cacao and Cards gathering hosted by my friends Julietta and Graciela (they have all kinds of cool events coming up and you can check them out >>HERE<<). During the event one of the participants pulled the DRAGONFLY card and ever since, I have been seeing dragonflies EVERYWHERE. My whole yard is filled with them: Big thick ones with striped wings (one was so big Jerry thought it was a butterfly) and teeny, delicate ones. It’s so much fun to see them in such abundance! 

Dragonflies bring with them the meaning of transformation, evolution, and joy.

Hawks deliver the message of courage, strength, and clairvoyance.

When an iguana crosses your path it’s a reminder of gratitude, shedding what isn’t serving you, and to sharpen your psychic abilities (hmmm, two clairvoyant messages… interesting…)

The messages of the mockingbird are “finding your voice and the music that inspires your soul,” and the utility of imitation. Are you being a good role model? Are you adopting the most positive traits from those around you?

I’m curious – what critters have caught your attention lately?

I find joy in searching for meaning in things. The signs, symbols, and synchronicities of life. I like to play with them and let them serve as a reminder to me about how I can best show up for the world. To make it a softer, happier place.

This afternoon I’m putting the final touches on the last webinar of The Intro Series. Tonight we’re brining everything together with MOVEMENT. If you missed the first three webinars, or haven’t had time to catch the replays, don’t fret. You can still show up live, tonight, and reap the full benefit. We’re going to meld it all together: the Awareness, Feelings, and Movement and see how we can use them to play. To bring that softness and joy into our lives even when things feel heavy. The heavy doesn’t have to define us.

I welcome anyone who would like to join. Just reply to this email and I’ll get you the Zoom link. We start at 7:00pm tonight. (or you can use the form to sign up >>HERE<<)

And next week is when the real magic begins. Next week my membership opens and there are still juicy bonuses to be had for signing up as a Founding MemberClick>>HERE<< to learn more. Have questions? I will answer them all with love.

Because it’s all about love…

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