Things in Erin’s Head 


Today is my grandpa’s 97th birthday. 


Grandpa is the man who taught me how to bait a hook (I smile at the thought of him being brave enough to bring a five year old girl fishing – just the two of them). He’s the man who taught me how powerful just a few words can be. He shows our family every single day what love and devotion look like. He makes a mean bruschetta, loves Ritz crackers, and sometimes has a beer. Just one. He uses an iPhone. He makes me feel loved. No matter what I do, all I feel from him is LOVE.

Today I invite you pull up a happy memory. One of you with anyone who made you feel love. A parent, grandparent, an Auntie, your very best friend, your dog. I invite you to lock into that memory and just feel… LOVE. And lean into knowing that feeling is accessible to you any time you need it.

Happy, happy birthday Grandpa. I hope 97 is good to you and I hope you feel the love as much as I do. 

Because it’s all about love…