Things in Erin’s Brain 

Yes, Hump Day Fan, this newsletter is intended for YOU.

If you reside in Florida you get my joke… if not, I’ll let you in on the secret.

Nicole is the tropical storm / hurricane (TBD) that snuck up on the Florida peninsula when there aren’t supposed to be anymore hurricanes (apparently she didn’t get the memo). She’s spinning in from the east (also weird for this time of year) and the last time a full fledged hurricane made landfall in November was in 1935 (thank you #BryanNorcross for the fun hurricane facts). So we will see what Nicole has in store for us overnight. Hopefully she just shimmies on by…

It’s been raining all day. #NotMyCat has whined and howled in every octave of per precious little purr box in attempt to get me to let her out in the nasty weather. Not happening. I moved the caterpillars under shelter, but they are also cranky and starting to walk about in weird places. I’ve tried to wrangle them, but… well they are caterpillars… 

I’m not complaining. Caterwauling and wandering caterpillars aside, it’s been a good day. I left the house early (thank you time change), topped up my gas tank, and hit the grocery store to get stuff to make burgers and fries for dinner (I added grilled onions and man it really hit the spot). I caught up on my massage laundry. And I added the finishing touches to my new Caregiver support tool:

(and one thing to NEVER do).

As a Caregiver, possibly the hardest thing for me was to ask for help. Not only did I not know how (it’s a very recent phenomenon that I can utter the words, “Jerry can you help me with…”), but I really didn’t know what to ask FOR. So I created this tool to help people help Caregivers. They are easy, fun, playful ideas that don’t require a lot of effort (and of course I added the ONE thing to never, ever do… PLEASE!).

And you, my special Hump Day readers, get the first look. 

Click below to download your free copy of: 

(and one thing to NEVER do).

November is National Caregiver Month and I’d love to know how you use this tool to spread the love. Share all the ways you’re helping a Caregiver with me on Instagram @erin_copelan and add the hashtag #CaregiverLove.

Because it’s all about love…

P.S. Today is the last day to register for my friend Kim’s Finally Write Your Book course. She’s got all kinds of bonuses loaded in there. If writing a book has been on your heart, now is the time. 

>>Yep, it’s time to write MY book<<