Things in Erin’s Brain 

Have you ever had a dream of doing something really abstract? Something that seemed so cool, but you could never imaging a scenario that allowed you to actually DO it? 

And then you did it? Yeah, you DID IT.

And when you did the thing, you geeked out SO HARD that people looked at you like maybe you were a little crazy and maybe they were second guessing wanting to work with you? So you tried to reel in the crazy, but you just couldn’t because it was an abstract dream come true?

Well, Hump Day Fan, this is a picture of me totally nerding out.

Because I’m in a RECORDING STUDIO.

Why am I in a recording studio?

Because YOU asked for it!

After I launched my best selling book in March, the #1 thing people asked me to deliver was an audio book. And as the Universe so kindly does for me, I was serendipitously presented with a connection to Power Station Studios in Pompano Beach. 

On the day of my studio tour I looked at the wood paneled walls, microphones and huge control panel. I got all choked up. I think recording studios are beyond cool, but I canNOT carry a tune, so as much as I would have loved to visit one, a never envisioned a scenario in which it would actually happen. I never thought I’d write a book… I never considered an audio book… and I certainly never thought I’d be narrating one.

Yet, here I am. The extra fun part? With me telling my own story, we get to keep in all the parts that make me laugh out loud (and the parts that make me cry).

Then my brain does a swift rewind. How did I get here? How did I accidentally (on purpose with lots of work, and love, and tears, and sweat, and time, and perseverance, and and and…) land in the middle of a dream?

And I come back to Kim. Yeah, it’s my story. Yeah, it’s my idea. Yeah, when I met her I was totally stuck and had tried writing my book for about two years. But I FINALLY wanted to write my book. To get it outta my head and into YOUR hands. And Kim helped me get there.

So is it a coincidence that as I’m launching the next adaptation of my book Kim is also hosting the virtual program that got it all started for me? It kinda gives me chills.

Are you thinking, “Wait, if Erin can live out her crazy dreams, I think I can too,” this may be Universe giving you a swift kick in the butt.

Kim’s three day virtual course is fun, creative (you actually WRITE), and informative. AND if you register before 9/10/22 you get a gift box of goodies for the event (there’s a story behind that deadline… I’ll share it next week!)


Because it’s all about love…